Friday, June 08, 2007

Towing a Toyota

I have the most incredible Land Rover. Not only can it tow a Toyota using a rope, from behind - but it does it with the engine off too! Really fast - just look at the scenery whizzing by.

This is all part of the Land Rover quest to be environmentally friendly of course. To save on emissions and offset the damage caused by SUVs, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are "Tow a Toyota" day, while Tuesday and Thursday are "Be Towed by a Toyota" day. This cuts down on the damage to the planet immensely*.

Yes, Olivia's been in breakdown mode again this week. Completely died when nearly at work on Tuesday. I've been hauling parts, catching a lift in with my oh-so-patient boss and home again - but I just can't get her going. I'm going to have to ask an expert to sort her out in the new week. This one is beyond me. Meantime the boss and I braved traffic to bring her home on a rainy Friday afternoon. You know, for a Toyota driver he's not a bad chap! :-)

* with thanks to a fellow Land Rover owner for this particular explanation.

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