Friday, June 22, 2007

Long and Winding road

I drove Olivia to work today after having her standing since Monday. Those electrical issues completely drained the battery, which took nearly 2 days to recharge. But once that was done, she turned over pretty quickly.

After a big incident like this, I'm always hesitant to take on lengthy travel. Any sign of a problem and I'm ready to turn around, just in case. This morning she jerked twice on the way through town. I turned off down a side street, had a look in the engine, and then gave it "around the block" to do it again. It didn't - so onwards it was.


Listening every metre of the way for anything that might be wrong... Got here tense and tired, sommer first thing in the morning. But happy to have her back on the road.

The engine's running rough-feeling, vibrating more than it should (or perhaps it's the axles, wheels, whatever) - will be checking a few things this weekend. I'm topping up oils and water at lunchtime to make sure they're good to go (replaced a water pipe recently). I'll tighten and/or replace the fanbelt this weekend too. I may approach the axles with fear and trepidation and a grease-gun - another learning curve awaits there.

But I'm here at work on my own steam for the first time this week. My big block of blue (also called the "bokwa" or "sardine tin", depending on how badly she's playing up) is standing in her usual place, gently leaking oil. Hey, it's a Landy - it does that. One trip home - ALL the way home - and we'll be sorted for the weekend.

Holding thumbs that it won't be a mission.

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