Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bat out of hell

Livi's back from the hospital, had her new exhaust fitted and is going like a BOMB! Absolutely brilliant with a roar to die for and much more power. Of course that has me pushing her up hills at speeds she hasn't done before - but checking her speedo against a GPS it seems she hasn't been doing what I thought she was doing anyway....!

This weekend a lot of work was done on her and on her bits. She's looking quite different, and there's more bits of metal lying around the yard. We also managed to set the rubbish bin alight in the process, and had quite the fire going before we noticed what was going on. But there's progress. A lot of progress.

And I've just heard there's a new windscreen on its way home.

This week I was due to be working on her with Favourite Man, but we're still awaiting various bits and pieces, so I've transferred leave to next week instead. I'll use this one to rest up... :-) I suspect I'm going to need it. Favourite Man is a very hard taskmaster, and I'll be running to keep up.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Picky Olivia

There were big things afoot for Olivia today. I took another Landy to work so she could go in to have her new exhaust fitted etc etc etc. Olivia - as Olivia does - had other plans. She first refused to start until I rushed back and gave her some personal attention (with the help of her new Landy friend). And then she conked. She disagreed with having Favourite Man in the driver's seat (or some such silliness) and gave up going forward half-way to her destination.

She's now in hospital (thanks to yet another Toy-Tow), having a couple things attended to. That'll teach her to be picky about who drives her!

She'd better get used to Favourite Man - he's not going to just give up and go away. Or at least I hope not.. :-) There's still a lot of fiddling with her bits to be done. All good, so she need not fear.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Here we go...

Olivia is about to get sorted in ways she didn't even know were possible! A lot of work will be happening very soon in a mad flurry of activity. Watch this space... :-)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

New Technology for Series Landies

I've just found the most awesome Series upgrade! Now my Landy can use computerised diagnostics too!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Up and Down we go

Olivia loves wet weather. She hates cold. This morning was perfect - it rained most of the night so everything was still damp when I left for work. But it was warm! She went absolutely beautifully.

But there are times when you're scared to drive, and when after an hour of trying to breathe deeply once you get home you're still a little shakey.

Today is one of those days.

There was that "sigh" from the engine just before I hit town, the merest hiccup in power - and immediately I went from relaxed & driving to tense & listening. There's very little place to pull off until a certain point, and I hadn't checked fuel levels (fuel guage is kinda stuck on half-tank). First garage I came to was where I pulled over and did just that. Still have fuel. Check spark - nothing loose, still have spark. But had had a few more very little judders between the first sigh and the garage. The only culprit I could imagine is the vacuum advance, which is awaiting a new rubber seal on the end and is currently functioning with duct tape. So after sitting for a bit and gathering my courage, I gingerly headed home. Of course I would get stuck behind a tannie with a gigantic fern in the back of her car who seems to have learnt to drive when the speed limit was still 10. And then some chick in a Renault who slammed on brakes for everything - notwithstanding the Landy creeping up her arse. But we made it. Engine sounding "sloshy" again, but we made it.

Last time it did that I needed to stick in oil, and did so again today. I hope that's what the issue was (for now). It's not that it's run out, it's just that it's low - and using up oil a lot. I really need to get that compression test, the banjo bolt washers, the vacuum advance rubber... If only I didn't have to contend with office hours. :-)

So we're home. I sat on her wing in the last of the sun for an hour as the engine slowly cooled. Taking deep breaths, trying to stop shaking with terror at what might/could have happen/ed. And trying not to remember that tomorrow is Friday the 13th.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

New Landy

I've just acquired a white Defender! Always wanted one... :-)

Go O Go

Olivia has been going fantastically lately! Replacing the distributor cap and HT leads made a world of difference to her power, and greasing the UJs helped with forward motion too. There's an oil change planned for tomorrow, but she's just been driving so well lately.

Yesterday I hit some hills in 4th where she would have struggled up in 3rd. Coming home from supper out, it was like driving the Ford (which is still standing broken, a month later) - easy to move, easy to steer, just feeling all-round great. I got home with a grin on my face.

She'll never be speedy. I like the sedate and dignified pace that allows me to enjoy the scenery. She'll never be light. But she's doing better on fuel consumption this week. She'll never be small - but zippy is overrated.

Go, Olivia, Go!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

True to form

The good news is I didn't fall out of Olivia.

The bad news is I managed to crush a knuckle with one of the larger leaf-springs... but I'll live. 'Nother day, 'nother injury. Usual stuff.

I did get a lot done on her today - from door straightening to some wire-removal to a look at the banjo bolt. So progress has been made and clothing will be washed.

I'm going to feel this one tomorrow!