Saturday, June 30, 2007


* Olivia loves the wet. She goes better when it's raining than when it's not. Well, except for the waterfall behind the accelorater and out of the top of the windscreen, but that's minor.

* My squealing brakes are normal! I've just been watching some Series III clips on YouTube, and their brakes sound exactly the same as mine when I have to hit them suddenly.

* You're never done fixing a Landy. I have a long to-do list for tomorrow...

* Sometimes it's better you don't know how serious problems are. I have given one poor bloke a near heart-attack describing the colour of my clutch fluid. And others are horrified by the duct tape / wiring issues / spark-plugs etc. Most of which I correct as soon as I know what the heck is wrong.

* I'm loving the Landy-driving vibe. Get a kick out of every Landy driver who gives me "the wave". Also getting a kick out of those who grin at me when they see me getting into/out of the beast. Today it was a wistful look from an older gent surrounded by his family - who was getting into a thoroughly modern and practical 4x4. There's something to be said for driving an impractical but very cool truck - a touch of the romantic that dares to dream (that you'll make it home).

* I really hope I don't fall out of Olivia again this weekend.

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