Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I hear that I was quite the tourist attraction last week! :-) Our offices overlook the parking area where I was over/under/in Olivia attempting to fix her in the rain, and apparently I attracted a lurking, commenting crowd in the safe warmth of the building! (No, I wouldn't ask them for help - they know computers, and Olivia doesn't have one)

A colleague told me she saw the Landy swallowing me when I set the idle speed on my way home one day and was highly amused.

Yup, I regularly make a spectacle of myself working on Olivia. I've gotten to know more neighbours (and their dogs) working on her outside than I ever would have simply living in our new place.

So nope, I don't mind being hunkered down in the rain and leftover petrol under her. I don't mind the occasional grease smear I only notice hours later on clothing or face. I don't mind being watched from windows, nor looked at with a sense of amazement when I turn up between the men at Autozone with a part in my grimy hand (spanner in the other) - newly hauled out my engine in front of the place - and seeking "one of these please".

The thing is this - I enjoy working on my truck. I love figuring out her innards, whether I get it right myself or have to call on an expert. I like knowing what goes on in the beast, even if it leaves me a little dirty around the edges.

Fact is, she's one Very Cool Vehicle - and I'm proud of her.

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