Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Landy Dreams

Sometimes I'm driving through packed rush-hour traffic, and see the face of a child in the car next to me, staring at Olivia the Landy.

I wonder... will my Landy be the one that some kid, somewhere, holds in their heart as "one day when I grow up I want to drive one of those!"?  Will Livvy the Bus (Favourite Man's label for her) be the inspiration behind a Landy Person years down the line, someone who grows up loving the green oval, but not quite sure where it all began?  Will she be the spark that turns a normally sane child into a somewhat insane adult who pours love and attention on a brand of go-anywhere, do-anything vintage vehicles, are often more trouble than they're worth, but loved as part of the family?  Will she be the push into adventure, and travel, and the lingering smell of EP90?

I wonder...