Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Buy a Horse - take 2

There are days when I love my Landy. When I'm tootling along in traffic and all is going well. Then there are days like this.

Due to my own stupidity, as I turned the "battery on" key on Monday morning something blew up in the engine in a puff of electric smoke. Wires melting, the works. Hitched a lift with my ever-tolerant boss, and again on Tuesday 'cos it was too dark to investigate when I got home on Monday.

Tuesday evening I had enough daylight left to spot the problem within 3 seconds and correct it. No more melting wires!

And then came today...

Olivia's been standing for 2 days. She struggles to get going in the mornings at the best of times, even more so when it's in the single digits weather-wise. I had let the boss know I'd be in late (off to collect some new cables for the melted ones on the way in, and had to wait for shops to open) - but after 3 hours of trying to start her, I gave up. The battery was completely dead, as were the two others I put in to boost the charge. She nearly caught - but not. Meantime I missed 2 important meetings and get to work at home again. OK - I'm getting a lot done, but still.

I admit it. Today I'm peeved and frustrated. I don't have the second car for emergencies like this (nor the cash to fix it - food takes priority). That car isn't the most reliable anyway. Some days I wonder what I'm thinking attempting to commute in a 30-year old Land Rover. Most days I'm sure my colleagues wonder the same.

Yes, things will be better tomorrow. The battery (well, all 3 of the damn things) will be charged and good to go. I'll be at my desk before the sun makes its appearance again. I'll put in my full day and get to attend the other important meeting.

But today I think I want a horse.

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