Sunday, June 10, 2007

It's the little things

This fine gentleman drove a long way on Saturday morning to take a look inside Olivia's engine bay, and by the time he left, she was on the go again!

So what was the issue? Well - something small. A loose and frayed wire in the distributor. And once that was put together again, it was discovered that I hadn't put 3 of the spark plugs in quite tight enough, so they weren't doing too great. That was sorted out chop-chop.

I haven't driven further than around the block to park her in her usual spot. Tomorrow I'm working from home and have also been given time to sort out the cars. I'll be going down the road to find a new distributor wire, pick up cage nuts and get the timing sorted out. The Ford will most likely be towed in to the mechanic too (suspected head gasket blown...).

I'm very glad to know it wasn't something huge that was the problem. And I know just the tiniest bit more about the electrics now too.

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