Sunday, October 01, 2006


When you've had a rough weekend and feel like the world has plonked itself on your shoulders, there's nothing like car-wrangling to sort you out. It's very therapeutic!

Today I finally got Olivia's alternator back in (yay, it's fixed!). Then had to turn my attention to the Ford - the bonnet cable slipped out of its moorings (again) so it wouldn't open. Fortunately this time I knew how to fix it, and did a more permanent job than last time's duct tape measures. Unfortunately the other end (beneath the steering wheel) is looking a big dodgy, frayed and threatening to snap.... There's something to be said for simple opening mechanisms such as Olivia has!

Between swearing at bolts, entangling and impaling myself in/on wire cables, lying on recently-rained on ground under two cars, and hunting things that disappear into long grass unexpectedly, I'm feeling a whole lot better than when I began.

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