Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tourist Attraction

Olivia's quite the tourist attraction! Whether it's photos on the wall in my office, the background I've set on my computer screen or just standing around outside my home, she attracts attention.

And jealousy... :)

I've had a number of folk come by to gaze at her, peer inside and underneath and wistfully wish they had a Landy. Another just dropped by my office. The amount of drooling going on could easily have shorted out the keyboard.

The thing is there's no other vehicle around that looks like her. There's a couple of Series vehicles, but nothing in her grey-blue-green. Nor plastered with flags from where she's been, or kitted out just-so. She stands out from the crowd in a big way.

She's a real beauty. Gorgeous beast - completely amazing. I may look worse as I age, she just keeps looking better.

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