Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Landy People Rock

Just for the record - I love Landy people! They completely rock.

I dashed down to town this afternoon to stock up on fruit/veg, then made a turn at my mechanic to get advice on where to have the alternator looked at (with discount for using his name), then stopped at Autozone to see if they had any new ones (no luck) - and on the way back made a random turn down a street where I thought I'd spotted an old Landy parked a while back.

Not only did I find the white S3 shorty I saw in traffic there, but also found the home of an orange 110 and a gigantic dusty orange Forward Control! The owner was out the front chatting to someone, and I asked if I could drool over his machines. Of course that led to an hour-long discussion on vehicles, a climb up into the FC to peer into the engine, some advice on wiring, and a second alternator ending up in my back seat "to try"! Only at the very end of our conversation did I remember to introduce myself... :) (And promptly forget his name - I'm terrible at things like that)

I also came away with phone numbers and names of a lot of very useful folk who have older Landies in the area - and a treasure-trove of parts, advice and help on offer. Seems the name thing is a trend though, as he didn't know the surnames of at least 2 of the guys, although they've known each other for years. Eish! Apparently there's a hell of a lot of us in the area. Even the owner of the Series I (that nearly made me crash into the car in front of me craning my neck to see it recently) lives just down the road.

Have promised I'll be back with Olivia sometime soon - and his alternator if it doesn't fit.

Yup, Landy folk are the best.

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