Sunday, June 08, 2008

It's (still) alive!

Nope, Olivia hasn't gone to the Great Landy Gathering In The Sky. She's still around, she's still going strong - better than ever.

There's a post languishing in drafts about her new shocks/dampers and steering damper. She's gained a few new stickers. She has new tyres and she's working hard up the mountainside!

But our lives have rushed on with work every day - and it's been a while since she went out to merely play. It's been a long time since the last roadtrip. She's been doing local here-and-there's only, a daily drive when we have time and cash to throw in her thirsty tank.

In the meantime fuel prices have shot up, and continue to do so every month - crippling thoughts of adventure. I often wonder if the worldwide fuel costs are going to put a damper on adventure in general, no matter which country you're in...

But Olivia lives yet. And one of these days her blog will again be filled with tales of wonder and travel. Just not yet.

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