Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Olivia goes to work

I had a bit of a close call this morning, driving to work in the dark.

Being a slowpoke, Olivia tends to stick to the "yellow line lane" uphill and let the speedier commuters past. This morning she was doing just that in the early morning blackness, when I suddenly noticed a HUGE pothole that had opened up overnight - right in the middle of the lane I was traveling!

I was very very lucky that traffic was thin - I managed to swerve out and avoid it. But if I hadn't.... I shudder to think of the damage. Overturned vehicle. Broken axles. Probably broken me too. Oh my - it would have been horrible.

Luckily we avoided it and by the time I next came by the traffic department were helping others give it a wide berth.

I know Olivia loves going off-road, but that was a little bit too extreme... even for her.

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