Monday, May 12, 2008

Digital Confusion

I threw fuel into the Disco 2's tank for the first time this morning since the above R10 a litre hike in price, and it was both amusing and confusing.

The price is given in hundreds of cents, but it should be in just over a thousand. So when you put in R20, you end up seeing a charge for R2 on the pump!

If only....

This could, of course, work for both good and evil. If you go cash in hand and say "give me 20 bucks of diesel", they'll fill it to R20,0* worth, approximately R20 but with the last few single figure cents unknown so you could just score an extra drop. If you go garage charge card in hand, the computer at the back calculates it to the last cent and charges you accordingly!

So on the former the garage could lose out, on the latter you could.

Apparently the petrol stations have been given until the end of the year to upgrade to exorbitant-compliant numerals. Which of course means only one thing. The fuel price can only go up.

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