Thursday, June 26, 2008

Night Fever

Last night saw Favourite Man and I out and about in Olivia after sunset. We had a shopping run and an airport-distance run to accomplish, so a good deal of pottering in the dark.

At which time I discovered a problem. A very serious problem.

You see, Olivia has LIGHTS. And not just lights or Lights, but LIGHTS. 16 of the blerry things on her front alone, and then there's the ones in her rocksliders and the Christmas tree out back. All functional (well, OK - there are one or two for mere bling), and all nicely aligned.

So when it comes to night driving, I have this big old problem in wanting to flash all my pretty lights at people.

The worst was when we were parked outside the Spur restaurant, with lovely crowds of people just the other side of big plate-glass windows mere metres away. Perfect flash-fodder!

But Favourite Man wouldn't let me... Not even after I'd reversed 10m back. Damn! :-)

I'll just have to stick to flashing people when I'm on my own.

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