Saturday, January 06, 2007

Learning Curve - Wheels and Tyres

1. Always take the high-lift jack (and know how the heck it works, including getting it down).

2. Before you leave home make sure that you:
a) know what size your wheel-nuts are
b) have a wheel spanner that fits
c) know where to locate bricks for front tyres (and can send your kid to find them)

3. Ensure that your circle of friends includes Landy people (local) who may be able to drop by and help change the tyre that the idiot(s) (cursed be their offspring for generations to come) damaged by deflating this week, and who may also possess high-lift jacks and/or appropriate wheel spanner sizes.

4. If all else fails, make sure you let your home-based rescuer know they have to get the jack AND the wheel spanner - so that multiple trips from mall to home are not needed. Also ensure that the wheel spanner you went to get on trip 2 actually fits any/all of the wheel nuts.

5. Always carry gifts for strangers willing to spend 3 hours attempting to help you, but failing that make sure you get their names, phone numbers and addresses (done!). Thank profusely any 4x4 fitment centre that attempts to phone anyone who may be able to help (unsuccessfully).

6. Never assume the wheel-nut size will be the same both outside and inside that big metal thing on the back wheel.

7. If all else fails, sockets & wrenches work. Except that you will need VERY large sockets fittings... (note to self - go buy very large ones) and a good deal of muscle power for the wrench. Count your blessings that you always carry the tool box.

8. Finally, find a tyre supply shop that actually works with tube tyres, isn't push-off-unfriendly when asked for help, and is willing to go the extra mile. Oh - and find out why the usual 30-odd Landies around the mall simply weren't there this week! :-)

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