Monday, January 08, 2007


There are days when owning an old Landy is very intimidating. I put on a good show, but sometimes I wonder just what the heck I'm doing! (I'm pretty sure Olivia's previous owner does too... :-) )

It's great when I get things right - basics like the oil changes, greasing up bits, sorting out fuel filters and tanks and such. But sometimes hanging around Landy guys scares me - they start chatting about stuff I haven't even heard of, and which is apparently really important to keep an eye on. When I have time I tend to head over to the Land Rover UK forums, and all too often an entire paragraph will just be way over my head - though everyone else seems to know what's going on.

The lastest episode with tyre-changing was an up/down one. I realized I could do it at a pinch - but at the same time noted how little I know. There's still a lot of knowledge that needs hammering into the head, but it doesn't want to absorb fast enough.

Landy-intimidation + post-lunch dip = not a good thing at all! :-) Only solution is to grit the teeth and soldier on, trying not to break anything.

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