Wednesday, January 03, 2007


When I bought Olivia, I joined up with the Land Rover Owners Club of Southern Africa. I never got around to joining the local Cape Landy Club though - mainly because for some reason I can't access their website at all, so never really did much about attempting to get info another way. (I have since received info by email, but still can't access their site)

Well, being quite far from the epicentre of activities has had me looking a bit green with envy as they plan outings and go places and do interesting offroad stuff. I guess the local guys are also doing interesting stuff here, but with no access to their site and no membership, I simply don't hear about it.

Anyway, a mailing tube of goodies just arrived from the LROC - their magazine, renewal notice (eish... can I afford it now?), newsletter, and a HUGE 2007 calendar. I've stuck the latter up near my desk. Yup, that should do it - no missing out on what date it may be now! :-)

As much as I love goodies and enjoy the monthly newsletter etc, I'm still debating whether I should renew membership or not. There are benefits to having a LROC sticker on the vehicle, carrying a membership card etc - mostly in the form of discounts (where, I have yet to ascertain) and special treatement (which I've experienced already, sticker or not!). It's a good chunk of cash to renew the membership, which I could instead spend on a local club.

Still thinking.

In the meantime, I ain't complaining about a tubefull of goodies. I've always liked getting stuff in the post! :-)

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