Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rest Up

Olivia is taking a break.

She was the daily drive commutemobile for an entire month, completely fulfilling my quest to turn her into such that started the whole Work In Progress thing at the beginning of last year. She's been tootling along, generally happily - a very big difference from me being too scared to get into her!

But now she's taking a break. I'm back in the more fuel-efficient Discovery II that belongs to Favourite Man for the daily dash. And why? Well.. the petrol/diesel prices are up again. So much so that some older pumps can't handle the new 4-digit diesel price. A bit like Y2K for petrol stations!

So the Disco is getting a run for its money once more, and Olivia has become the leisure/mountain work truck. Olivia gets to do the short trips around town when needed. She gets to go offroad and uphill when site clearing is required. She does shop runs and fun runs. But she's taking a break from commuter battles.

I'm not sure how much fuel savings we'll see. Diesel has become way more expensive than petrol, so I'm still paying about the same every day... well, nearly. I can sneak through the day slowly on less diesel than the petrol Olivia sucks up. It's still pricey - I'm not sure how financially feasible a daily commute is going to be down the line - but it's probably the best option for now.

So Olivia is resting a little. She'd better rest well - I have plans for her....

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