Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Picky Olivia

There were big things afoot for Olivia today. I took another Landy to work so she could go in to have her new exhaust fitted etc etc etc. Olivia - as Olivia does - had other plans. She first refused to start until I rushed back and gave her some personal attention (with the help of her new Landy friend). And then she conked. She disagreed with having Favourite Man in the driver's seat (or some such silliness) and gave up going forward half-way to her destination.

She's now in hospital (thanks to yet another Toy-Tow), having a couple things attended to. That'll teach her to be picky about who drives her!

She'd better get used to Favourite Man - he's not going to just give up and go away. Or at least I hope not.. :-) There's still a lot of fiddling with her bits to be done. All good, so she need not fear.

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