Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bat out of hell

Livi's back from the hospital, had her new exhaust fitted and is going like a BOMB! Absolutely brilliant with a roar to die for and much more power. Of course that has me pushing her up hills at speeds she hasn't done before - but checking her speedo against a GPS it seems she hasn't been doing what I thought she was doing anyway....!

This weekend a lot of work was done on her and on her bits. She's looking quite different, and there's more bits of metal lying around the yard. We also managed to set the rubbish bin alight in the process, and had quite the fire going before we noticed what was going on. But there's progress. A lot of progress.

And I've just heard there's a new windscreen on its way home.

This week I was due to be working on her with Favourite Man, but we're still awaiting various bits and pieces, so I've transferred leave to next week instead. I'll use this one to rest up... :-) I suspect I'm going to need it. Favourite Man is a very hard taskmaster, and I'll be running to keep up.

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