Saturday, July 07, 2007

Go O Go

Olivia has been going fantastically lately! Replacing the distributor cap and HT leads made a world of difference to her power, and greasing the UJs helped with forward motion too. There's an oil change planned for tomorrow, but she's just been driving so well lately.

Yesterday I hit some hills in 4th where she would have struggled up in 3rd. Coming home from supper out, it was like driving the Ford (which is still standing broken, a month later) - easy to move, easy to steer, just feeling all-round great. I got home with a grin on my face.

She'll never be speedy. I like the sedate and dignified pace that allows me to enjoy the scenery. She'll never be light. But she's doing better on fuel consumption this week. She'll never be small - but zippy is overrated.

Go, Olivia, Go!

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