Monday, October 15, 2007

Letting Go

I'm feeling a little bit nostalgic today.

Last week Olivia's old windscreen went to the scrap metal recylcers. It was so shot full of rust that there was no chance of rescuing it or reselling it. The new windscreen doesn't have a unusually thick middle bit, nor does it flap down. It's not army green inside and blue outside, it doesn't leak. There are no handles at odd places to move things, nor screws and bolts to control the flap. Just an expanse of glass that's pretty panoramic by comparison!

I'm all nostalgic over that windscreen, although I do like the new one muchly.

Today the hooter went to a new owner - it's been replaced with the loudest air horns you'll ever hear, which we keep setting off by accident when leaning across to do things on the dash. That's Olivia's old voice gone - to a very good home, and another Olivia, but still. I won't forget the first time I found out it worked. Also by mistake :-)

I'm all nostalgic over that hooter, although I do like the thought of emptying the bowels via soundwaves of any BMW driver that cuts me off in future.

Olvia's looking the business - she's going to be absolutely awesome when she's done. I know letting go of some of her old bits is part of the process, but it's still sometimes hard to do.

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