Tuesday, December 26, 2006

More Questions Than Answers

After our Xmas eve jaunt out to dinner and back, I find myself wanting to ask a whole lot more questions about how Olivia runs than I had before we left!!!

Yes, we made it OK - in fact very well. Slowly of course, and there are still aspects to driving her I'm getting used to. But we did it - down a steep hill, through busy traffic, even slamming on breaks a few times (aaah.. she pulls LEFT! :-) ). It was cool to be perched up so high that we could see things we normally don't in the Ford. And the kid is over his fear of riding in a strange vehicle that feels every bump, where the seats are rather slippery.

But here's the stuff I'm wondering, and will probably have to ask whomever I can find willing enough (and patient enough) to answer:

* Why are the lights either on bright or off - fuse or wiring issue? The middle setting for "normal beam" simply gives no reaction.

* What do I need to do to coax a bit more uphill power out of her? We're either screaming along in 3rd up the smallest slope, or shuddering in 4th - there has to be a way to boost the gear range and help her tackle hills.

* There's a slight jerking now and then - wonder if I haven't gotten to all the issues, or if the timing's that out...

* Engine heat goes up to about half-way on the guage - need to confirm this is normal. It doesn't seem to climb above that, which is a good sign.

* Gears are feeling better now that all the oil's been topped up too - the transmission was veeery empty... while the gearbox oil poured down my arm on opening (gonna invent a new cologne called "Eau de EP90", as I seem to permanently smell like that) - apparently that much difference in levels can blow an oil seal, so will have to keep an eye on that. Still struggling to find 3rd sometimes, but that's probably more me learning where they are than mechanical gear issues.

* I think I may still need to empty out a few compartments to lighten the load. There are some leaf springs stored under the floor level - haven't even attempted to shift those yet!

* Also need to check both other fuel tanks for gunk - I've been working from only one for now, topping it up. Need to grease the speedo cable, get it working to check mileage/fuel consumption too. Especially in light of the World Record Attempt coming up in April, which I'm definitely doing.

* Need to discover how to flash lights at other Landies.. :-) if at all possible.

One thing about owning a Series Landy is certain - you're never bored, there's always something more to do.. :-) And I'm looking forward to doing them.

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