Friday, December 08, 2006

Landy Benefits

Just for the record - Landy people are the best.

I dashed down to my local Autozone shop this afternoon to finally get enough EP90 to do the under-oily-bits, and while there got a bit of engine cleaner and some new made-for-old-engines engine oil (fresh on the market). In the process, the shop owner discovered I was a Landy driver/owner. I got shown his Landy parked outside (Range Rover), got to go behind the scenes to check out some new suspension stuff he's importing from Australia which works well on my model, had a chat over other parts suppliers in the area, and got a preview of things to come on his computer screen for us Landy types.

When I got to the till to pay for my 4 containers of various goodies, he gave me 10% off just for driving a Landy! (In return I promised to give him the heads-up on our next meet-up, which hopefully will be in a week's time)

I really like these Land Rover folk. :-)

So it was a pretty profitable afternoon - a bit of education, a chance to connect with another Landy fanatic, and a good deal thrown in too. Very nice!

To top off the day, it seems insurance has finally been sorted - bar one or two things to be cleared up - so I can venture further afield at last. Greased up, filled up, and good to go.

This weekend I dive under the beast and get oily...

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