Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cool when you're hot

It's still very much summer here - no telltale drip of rain on the accelerator foot yet, and the firewall is a FIREwall after a mere half-hour's drive.  Aircon?  Nope.  Just these in the doors to make the feet breezy:

So yes, driving Olivia isn't exactly the coolest of experiences.

And yet.... it very much IS.

When your daily drive is a Series III that first saw daylight in 1976, you sometimes forget just what it is you're driving.  From the driver's seat the view is much the same as any other Land Rover - though mine of course has a split screen.  But now and then I catch my own reflection in a shop window as I'm zooming down the road.  Or I catch the look on the face of the other Landy driver waving as we pass.

And it hits me how very cool my daily drive is.  If you're headed toward me, this is what you see:

If you're filling my tank at a petrol station, you have a row of flags along her side to admire - the countries she's visited from here to the Sudan and back again.  Slowly.

If you're fortunate enough to be stuck behind her in traffic (and many are, on a daily basis!), you may get to admire the fact that she's (sometimes) pulling a 4m trailer filled with 2 literal tons of assorted computer parts, packed inside with another 500kg or so - and still going forward in a straight line without too much hassle.

Or you may just admire her rear end, with it's customized fog light, reverse light, and assorted other excellent mods, courtesy my Resident Expert.

In short, the bit of metal and fuel that gets me from A to B every day, she's very very cool.

Just saying.

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