Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to use up a day

Nothing in Olivia is ever fast.  Here's how to use up an entire day in and around Cape Town.

We have a nifty little device called an FM Protector - it's not only a tracking device, but also does some pretty fancy telling of information like whether you've hit something or not :-)  With Olivia's speedo still awaiting re-installation (scratch that - we have a "new" one that's waiting to go in after the old one conked), we've had to find other ways to determine distance and speed.  This is it.  I can grab a map of where we've been, as above, or print out a summary of distance travelled - and then get horrified at how few kms we've covered vs fuel paid for...  See maximum speed achieved, whether your battery is holding charge, any funny incidents on the way - and all of it viewable via a live web interface in case Favourite Man wants to stalk me from home base and check where I'm at (in case I need to collect something nearby).

Nevertheless, today's travels were many, wide, and varied.  We saw opposite ends of Cape Town, some pretty cool sights, and spent the day trundling around meeting interesting people and collecting interesting e-waste.  And yes, it took the whole day because we're in a 35 year old Land Rover that doesn't break any speed records, not even downhill with a tail wind.

But hey, we did it in Olivia.  And that's very, very cool.

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