Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Olivia is bare.

There isn't a rivet, bolt, nut, piece of rubber, silicone or cable tie left unless it's holding something essential.

The roof lining is out. The chequer plate is off (except for 3 pieces now modified and permanently back on - see below). Windows that were covered for years saw daylight - some of them came out completely. There's no grill, no bumper, no roofrack, no spare carrier (or spare!), no tow hitch, no trailer plug, no back step, no side skirts, no water tanks, no fire extinguishers, no storage, no curtains, no window grilles.... Inside there aren't even floors in some parts! With two of the three fuel tanks out, it's easy to see the road flashing by, the gears working, the propshafts turning. Quite scary stuff until you get used to it.

The only thing left intact, not to be removed during this process, is the dreamcatcher on the rear-view mirror.

Now the hard work starts. All those Landy bits all over the house, and the ones that aren't yet made / acquired - they all have to go back in. There are a few bits that are already renewed. Safari roof bolts, front vent seals, bonnet spare rubbers (and rubber seal around the inside of the bonnet), newly-galvanized light guards, new running lights at front, numberplate light at back - and a reverse light! Both back side windows are now smartly chequer-plated. The left-back window has had glass removed and is now chequer-plated - but the right-hand one remains, as there are plans afoot on that side. Body panels have been aligned / secured - and in the process we discovered she used to be a bakkie (open truck)! Behind the grill is anti-rustworm paint, which is going on the length of the chassis along with 2 other protective substances.

Everything that can be galvanized / electroplated has been. There are boxes of goodies to tackle and place, to modify and fit. There's a new windscreen that we keep falling over. The roofrack, bumper, light bars, storage and rockslider metal bits are tripping us up in the yard. This is still one very big job - and less than a month before we leave for Sani...

Meantime Olivia's light as a feather, bouncing all over the road, zooming instead of toddling. If we don't start weighing her down soon, she may fly.

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