Friday, November 17, 2006

Identification & History

Found a site that tells your "fortune" (ie gives info) based on chassis number for Series vehicles, and here's what they've thrown out for Olivia:

948 Model: Land Rover, Series III
Body type: Station wagon
Wheel base: 109in
Engine: 6-cylinder
Model years: 1972-1979
Destination: Completely knocked down (CKD), right-hand drive (RHD)
***** Serial number
C Design: Two significant design modifications

Hmmm... how nice that they don't tell you what those two modications were! I mean, if they're significant and all.. :-) Unfortunately the system only gives a model/year range, and not what would be the ideal - a detailed history of everything known about that particular vehicle, where it was put together, what it originally looked like fresh off the factory floor etc. Those details would be really cool to know!

I do, however, have a superb write-up on her recent history, thanks to her previous owner. I'm sure there's much more that hasn't been told, but it's fun to know where the beast has been and what it's been up to.

History's still in the making - we've got many more places to see ahead of us.

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