Monday, June 05, 2006


I know women are supposed to be "emotional shoppers", but this is ridiculous! I'm in love with a Landy.

I'm not usually given to shows of affection for inanimate objects, nor shopping with my heart, nor any of that sort of nonsense. But there's something that connected completely and deeply with me when I saw this particular vehicle. It may not be the best-looking, smartest, shiniest, most colourful one - but it's simply perfect. It's everything I've wanted in an overland companion. It's got some of the overland essentials already installed, having done the through-Africa trip that I'm aiming for. And it's the right age (a 1970's Landy - which is what I've been after for many reasons).

Before I even knew it had a name, I'd decided it was a "she" - and it turns out it is.

I've got all the info from the current owner. I'm in the process of consulting those who know about these things, and then will put in an offer on her. I really hope it's accepted. She's just perfect.

Wish me luck! This could be THE turning point that determines the rest of our lives...

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