Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dreaming through Reality

As big as my travel dreams are, reality sometimes settles in and makes me stop and think.

And the reality is that I'm not independently wealthy, nor am I ever likely to be. Food, petrol, accommodation all cost. I can only go so long without needing to find more cash.

In addition, before we can even plan to travel, there are a few more pressing needs in our lives that have to be taken care of. My son is outgrowing the space behind the couch that has been his "room" for 9 years. He's almost a teen, and needs his own place, his privacy, where he can be alone and do his own thing. And I simply can't afford to move on my current salary to a bigger place.

Something big is going to have to change - and it's my job.

So here are the options: go be employed by someone else while grinding my teeth as an underling, or stick it out a little bit longer here while I build up the business everyone is urging me to create.

I've decided to go with the latter. Not only will it be a lot better for us in the long-run (financially), but I know it will be more enjoyable than what I'm doing now. And that will give me more "go" to work with in my life.

For our travel plans - until we can do the Big One, we're going to take holidays and weekends and go explore, like we did this past weekend on our mini-trip. We've spotted a few great places to camp out nearby. We've spotted a few further afield. My current car may not be a 4x4, but it goes VERY well on the long-road, is tough and reliable - and can reach everywhere except the most remote parts. We're going to take advantage of its strengths.

Even if I have to put the Big Trip off for a little while, I WILL still do it. And do it knowing I've done it wisely.

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