Monday, June 27, 2005

The Quest for the 'Drover

And here I thought oldish Land Rovers were WAY beyond my budget? Well - think again, blonde! Just found this site, with Landys for sale. And waddayaknow - they're not badly priced.

I'm not looking for a state-of-the-art anything, just something that's reliable, functional, will go the distance, and that I can find spares for in the heart of Africa. By all accounts, that would be an on-the-old-side Land Rover (though the debate continues between Landy and Toyota owners...). Still wondering about the merits of diesel vs petrol. Will have to speak to someone more knowledgeable than myself about that!

Next step? Talk to the bank.... Although I'd prefer not to get into debt for anything, I don't have cash lying around under the mattress, so would need a little "advance" on my "allowance", if you know what I mean. And with a low enough sale price, it would be not too much of an issue to repay it quickly. (The alternative is, of course, to take those payments, store them up and then go get one down the road cash!)

I don't rightly care what the beast looks like, and I don't care if I need to put a bit of elbow grease into it either. The more I get my hands dirty, the more I'll know what I'm doing later should problems arise. And getting my fingernails full of grease is what I plan on anyway.

So the quest has begun! So many Landys to choose from - which one will be mine?

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