Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bad Owner

I've been doing penance... I've been very very bad.

The issue is, I let Olivia stand for two months without even starting her. After the tyre-changing episode I heaved a big sigh and let grass grow around her. Until last night.

Last night I was in desperate need of a bit of peace & quiet, a place to think - so I headed off to sit in Olivia a bit and talk to the old girl, tell her all my problems - from "I'm an idiot" to "what am I going to do?". She's a very good listener, and gave me the most fantastic sunset view through her split screen to inspire and comfort me.

While there I thought I'd better see if she'd start. Anticipating problems after such a long stand, perhaps battery, or turn-over-and-die.


She started! Almost immediately! She must have loved getting attention again and decided to give me some back!

So while I was sitting there, I looked up at the Ford - he of the "what the heck is wrong now?" daily drive. And wondered... I'm pretty sure I can get the last few goodies on Olivia sorted out and make her my daily drive instead! Sell the Ford (it does need to go), and still have something to mosey around in. Mosey it will be - ain't going nowhere fast in this particular Landy.

So I think she's forgiven me for being a bad owner. For neglecting and deserting her for an entire 2 months. For not giving her enough love and attention.

Now if only I can convince my fellow Landy-owners that I've reformed.. :-)

Sunday, March 04, 2007


I had the opportunity to take a load of photos of Olivia today, so thought I'd post a few here.