Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Here's what Mother's Day looks like when you're possessed by a Landy... :-)

Monday, May 07, 2007


Olivia's looking very small without her top bits!

If you have LRUK membership and want to amuse yourself at my learning-curve expense, you can follow my progress here.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Battered & Bruised, but Started!

Well I've done it - started work in earnest on Olivia! And boy, am I feeling it this morning....

I've decided to get her into daily-drive mode as soon as I can, but also sort her out front to back. Although the entire tale is related elsewhere, I'll update this blog with the basics now and then.

Yesterday I took off the rooftop tent. Single-handedly. Bit of a mission! But it's now stowed safely. And found some interesting things inside when I opened it up...

I also started removing the roofrack, which will either be replaced or will be sandblasted, hot-dipped/galvanized and perhaps reworked slightly - at the moment it's straining the bodywork thanks to how it's attached at front and the driver's door has closing issues as a result.

The kid will have the job of sanding and refinishing all the teak boards - but he doesn't know yet :-)

I also removed a square of rusty metal mesh behind the grill - mere cosmetic surgery.

Unfortunately the roofrack is still in place, as I first have to remove the spots and their wiring before I can take it off, but (weather permitting - or perhaps in spite of the weather) that gets done after work today.

Crawling around on knobbly teak boards, reaching far up to undo bolts, hauling a tent off the roof - these take their toll. I'm now bruised randomly from knee to ankle. And in various other parts. Stiff to the point of needing an extended massage (could do with one, stiff or not). Sleeping last night was a mission - every time I turned over I hit another scrape or dent I'd forgotten about!

But it's started. Olivia's getting organized. My favourite expert will be redoing the wiring and pimping other things I know little about. Who knows - she may even get a coat of paint!

(meet my little helpers)